USPSTF: ‘Yes’ To Behavioral Obesity Therapy
Group’s lack of support for drug therapies draws criticism Source: USPSTF: ‘Yes’ To Behavioral Obesity Read more
Teflon Pans Found To Increase Weight Regain
The potential endocrine-disrupting effects of perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) have been demonstrated in animal studies, but whether PFASs may interfere with body weight regulation in Read more
A Budgetary Impact Analysis of Medicare Coverage for AntiObesity Interventions
Key Findings  IHS Markit used a validated and published individual simulation model to predict the budget impact to Medicare coverage utilization of anti-obesity interventions  Over Read more
Smart Socks to Catch Foot Injuries Early
Siren’s machine washable, dryable socks use temperature monitoring as a convenient way to alert users of potential injuries and help prevent complications Source: Smart Socks to Catch Read more
42 Factors That Affect Blood Glucose
Adding 20 new factors, a whole new category on behavior and decisions, and research on unexpected things that impact blood sugar and diabetes Source: 42 Factors That Affect Blood Glucose?! Read more
Feelings of Hunger After Weight Loss May Never Go Away
To truly keep the pounds away, people may have to deal with feelings of increased hunger for the rest of their lives, according to a new study. Source: Feelings of Hunger After Weight Loss Read more
A Perfect Storm for Broken Bones
Untreated osteoporosis could spawn an epidemic of bone fractures, hospital and nursing home admissions, even premature deaths. Source: A Perfect Storm for Broken Read more
Meal Prep: Part of Preparing for a Productive Week
Failure to prepare means preparing to fail. Source: 5 Simple Things You Should Do Every Sunday Night to Prepare for the Week Read more
How Supermarkets Get You to Spend More
Sneaky Ways Supermarkets Get You to Spend More from Food Network Source: Sneaky Ways Supermarkets Get You to Spend Read more
Losing Weight Eases Obesity-Related Pain
A study in the Journal of Pain found obese patients who lost 10% of their body weight reported less pain, in expected locations such as joints and in non-weight-bearing areas such as the Read more
Pre-Bariatric Surgery Weight Loss Seems to Boost Outcomes
Tied to greater rate of post-op excess weight loss over a year Source: Pre-Bariatric Surgery Weight Loss Seems to Boost Read more
Diet and Asthma: Is It Time to Adapt Our Message?
Asthma is a chronic respiratory disorder which is associated with airway inflammation. Environmental factors, in association with genetic susceptibility, play a critical role in asthma Read more
Food may influence cancer spread
Study slowed breast cancer spread by blocking the nutrient asparagine. Source: Food may influence cancer Read more
Ruled.Me–Ruling the Keto Diet
We offer you detailed guides and information to a successful keto diet. Recipes, nutrition, and health is part of the lifestyle – so come and get your daily dose! Source: Ruling the Read more
Welcome to KetoNutrition Source: Guidance to Metabolic therapies Compare this to PubMed:Very-low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet v low-fat diet for long-term weight loss: a meta-analysis of Read more
Nutrition in the Media
Entire industries thrive on the propagation of the myth that everything about nutrition, and the obesity that attends it when we get it wrong, is shrouded in mystery. … As long as Read more
Will Certain Foods Bolster Brain Health After Stroke?
Stroke survivors who eat plenty of leafy greens, fish and other healthy foods may help preserve their brain function as time goes on, a preliminary study suggests. Source: Will Certain Read more
Standing Desks Really Do Help You Lose Weight
They do. A new study shows you can lose up to 22 pounds—as long as you don’t sit down for four years. Source: Do Standing Desks Really Help You Lose Read more
Novel Feeding Tube May Help Stroke Dysphagia
Electrical pharyngeal stimulation boosted readiness for decannulation Source: Novel Feeding Tube May Help Stroke Read more
Insulin delivery devices now covered under Part D
Older Americans will now have access to insulin delivery devices under Part D of Medicare coverage, according to guidance issued by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Read more
Thyroid Disorders
AACE offers Education on Thyroid Read more
When Thyroid Glands Go Wrong: What Everyone Should Know About Thyroid Dysfunction
It may be one of the smallest organs in the human body, but the thyroid gland plays a colossal role in regulating body functions vital to overall health and well-being. Read the Article Read more
5 Nutrition Tips to Fight Hiker Hunger
Keep your body healthy and fueled on long-distance hikes. Source: 5 Nutrition Tips to Fight Hiker Read more
Study links low carbohydrate intake to increased risk of birth defects
Women who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant may want to avoid diets that reduce or eliminate carbohydrates, as they could increase the risk of having babies with neural tube birth Read more
What Is Time-Restricted Eating, And Can It Help You Lose Weight?
Time-restricted eating (TRE) is a form of intermittent fasting Research is limited as to whether it will help you lose weight Nutritionists say if it curbs unhealthy nighttime snacking, it Read more
Faster Cognitive Decline Tied to Hyperglycemia
Diabetes may speed up cognitive decline over time, a new study reported. Both prediabetes …and diabetes … were tied to a faster rate of global cognitive decline over time when Read more
Longevity and Diet 
Aging has always been considered an inevitable process. But the discovery that the aging process itself could be ‘hacked’ has led to the… Source: Longevity and Diet – Personal Read more
Food Swamps May Be Even Worse Than Food Desserts
The analysis was conducted by experts at University of Connecticut’s Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity, with help from experts at Duke University’s Sanford School of Public Read more
Combo Tx Improves Control of Food Cravings
Patients also counseled to exercise and restrict calories Source: Combo Tx Improves Control of Food Read more
What 30 Grams of Protein Looks Like at Breakfast | MyFitnessPal
Mornings can be hectic and grabbing a bagel or granola bar for breakfast can be an all-too-common occurrence. But eating high-carb, low-protein foods can result in a blood sugar spike Read more
Hormones: Why Evenings May Be a Dangerous Time for Overeating
The hours after sunset may be toughest for folks trying to stay slim, new research shows. Source: Why Evenings May Be a Dangerous Time for Read more
Sick Day Plan | dLife
People with diabetes know that getting sick can potentially mean a lot more for them than for others. That’s why it’s important to think about a sick day plan ahead of time. Working Read more
Weight-Loss Surgery Approaches Offer Similar Results, but Sleeve increases GERD
Five-year outcomes for sleeve gastrectomy, Roux-en-Y gastric bypass on par Source: Weight-Loss Surgery Approaches Offer Similar Read more
Are our weight loss efforts doomed to fail?
So many of us try so hard to reach the ideal body weight that we desire, but the question is: once we achieve our weight goal, can we maintain it? Source: Are our weight loss efforts doomed Read more
Federal Junk Food Tax Feasible, Study Says
It could be modeled on alcoholic beverage excise tax, experts suggested Source: Federal Junk Food Tax Feasible, Study Read more
Know Your Blood Sugar ALL the Time!
This FreeStyle Libre System is a different kind of blood sugar monitoring. Instead of strips, you have a 10 day sensor that doesn’t need calibration. In place of the glucose meter, Read more
Smart Diabetic Socks Monitor Your Foot Temperature to Warn You of Foot Problems
Siren Smart Socks. Keep Track of Neuropathy and Ulcers, Monitor Temperature & Catch Injuries Early. Source: Smart Diabetic Socks – Read more