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AMA Supports Remote Patient Monitoring, Telehealth in 2020 CPT Codes
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GI Microbial Assay Plus
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Food Lists for Nutrient Values
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Study: Bariatric Surgery OK for Kids with Psych Illness
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‘Realistic shift’ in diet could save the US up to $38 billion annually
A 20% increase in adherence to the Healthy Eating Index could result in savings of as much as $38 billion in health-related costs, according to findings presented at Nutrition 2018, the Read more
Type 2 diabetes: Gut bacteria may influence drug effectiveness
A new review of existing research examines the effect of the gut bacteria composition on the effectiveness of type 2 diabetes medications.” Original Article: Type 2 diabetes: Gut Read more
University of Queensland team devises universal test for cancer
Researchers at University of Queensland have devised a new diagnostic test that can identify presence of tumour in the body based on a DNA nanostructure.” Original Read more
Too much sleep linked to a greater risk of disease and death, study finds
  The recommended amount of sleep for adults is six to eight hours a night. Sleeping more than those hours is associated with an increased risk of death and cardiovascular diseases, Read more
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Fasting, Longevity and the Mitochondrial Connection
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Exposure to Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals Associated with Early Puberty in Girls
Relationship with the ubiquitous parabens, phthalates, and phenols and early puberty not seen among boys” Original Article: Exposure to Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals Associated with Read more
Early Puberty Mystery Linked to Family Exposure to Household Chemicals
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When diabetes is diagnosed: How to use the grief cycle to provide emotional support
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Antibiotics and Blood Glucose
The usual winter cold just seemed to linger and not go away. It had been 2 weeks of nasal congestion, runny nose and cough, but now I had sinus pressure and little to no energy. Read more
Type 2 Diabetes an Independent Risk Factor for Coronary Artery Disease
Type 2 diabetes is an independent risk factor for sudden cardiac arrest and death in patients with coronary artery disease with preserved ejection fraction.” Original Article: Type 2 Read more
Metformin Shown to Decrease AMD Risk in Diabetes Patients
In a new study conducted in Taiwan, investigators found that use of metformin to treat diabetes also reduced the risk of AMD development over a 13-year period.” Original Article: Read more
Increasing Incidence of Diabetes After Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Therapy
There is increased reporting of rapidly progressive diabetes associated with immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy.” Original Article: Increasing Incidence of Diabetes After Immune Read more
Diabetes: Fasting before a blood test might actually be harmful
Is it actually a good idea for people with diabetes to fast before having a blood cholesterol test? A new study suggests this may do more harm than good.” Original Article: Diabetes: Read more
What happens when a lifesaving drug becomes intolerably expensive?
As the cost of insulin skyrockets, some desperate diabetics are taking to rationing — and risking their lives.” Original Article: What happens when a lifesaving drug becomes Read more
Why eight hours a night isn’t enough, according to a leading sleep scientist
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Boundary Issues
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Allergen in red meat, heart disease linked in study
Although high saturated fat levels in red meat have been with associated with the buildup of plaque in the heart’s arteries, researchers for the first time found that some people face Read more
Psychotic Experiences Associated With Increased Risk for Eating Disorders in Adolescents
These data suggest the need for targeted interventions in children with psychotic experiences to prevent disordered eating behaviors in later adolescence.” Source: Psychotic Read more
Do omega-3 supplements really benefit the heart?
A major systematic review of clinical trials led by independent researchers finds ‘little to no’ evidence that omega-3 capsules benefit heart health.” Source: Do omega-3 Read more
Meet the Startup That Thinks DNA Can Predict Your Best Diet
Weight loss and health plans based on your DNA are explosively popular. What does science say?” Source: Meet the Startup That Thinks DNA Can Predict Your Best Read more
Fibromyalgia: What Primary Care Providers Need to Know
After completing this activity, the participant should be better able to: * Evaluate a patient with fibromyalgia complaints using the ACR Diagnostic Criteria * Construct a comprehensive and Read more
Source: | Welcome to Read more
The Advanced Management of Diabetes Online Interprofessional Certificate
Improve your diabetes care skills by learning from the experts without the expense of going to a national conference. University of California, San Francisco offers an innovative, online Read more
Capsule more accurately measures stomach gases and sends readings to your smartphone
​​Bit by bit, scientists are shining the light on the relationship between gut bacteria overall health. A new pill could prove a useful tool in learning more about the mechanics at Read more
Do you need to take multivitamins?
Multivitamins are very useful if you have a poor diet, but they lose much of their benefit if you have a good diet. Many people with good diets take multivitamins unnecessarily.” Read more