Why I’m excited about Tandem’s X2 Dexcom G5 software update – TCOYD Blog
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A Highlight from My Diabetes Blooper Reel – TCOYD Blog
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~10% of diabetes cases go undiagnosed in the US
Undiagnosed diabetes makes up a relatively small proportion of total diabetes cases in the United States, challenging estimates that suggest 25% to 33% of diabetes cases go undiagnosed, Read more
Report: Nearly every state has updated its telehealth legislation since last year
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Insulin Glargine/Breast Cancer Link Seen Again in Type 2 Diabetes
A study in more than 22,000 women reports a weak signal of breast-cancer risk with insulin glargine vs NPH insulin, but the researchers caution that this should not change clinical Read more
Gestational diabetes often leads to poor metabolic health in offspring
Children of mothers who had gestational diabetes are more likely to have increased adiposity, an adverse cardiometabolic profile and early onset of puberty in girls compared with children Read more
ADA: Lifestyle management key to treating patients with diabetes
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SIBO and Bloating
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How to Get An ISBN
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