Investigators Present New Heart Failure Nutrition Guidelines
At the annual meeting dedicated to heart failure, investigators present nutritional recommendations for patients, which includes dietary consultations, bariatric surgery, and a reduction in Read more
No patients with prediabetes referred to prevention program
None of the more than 1,400 patients with prediabetes were formally referred to the CDC’s National Diabetes Prevention Program, according to findings recently published in the Journal of Read more
Menarche, menopause, oral contraceptives influence type 2 diabetes risk
Early age at menarche, early age at menopause and the use of oral contraceptives can increase the risk for developing type 2 diabetes by as much as 33%, according to study data presented at Read more
Weight loss from vegan diet influenced by gut microbiota
Adults who ate a vegan diet lost more weight and experienced improved insulin sensitivity compared with those who maintained regular dietary habits, and effects of the diet on the gut Read more
Is intensive weight loss harmful in some patients? 
A post hoc analysis of the Look AHEAD trial showed that intensive weight loss interventions can reduce CV events in some patients with type 2 diabetes, but they may also have a detrimental Read more
Is Melatonin Safe to Take Every Night?
As in so many things, caution is warranted Time : Is Melatonin Safe to Take Every Night? Your writing adds immense value to The NutriScape Project’s educational mission and places our Read more
Why Medicare Is Focused On Food Insecurity
The issue of food insecurity has emerged as a healthcare concern and is now on the radar of health insurance companies, Medicare and Medicaid administrators as a way to get seniors better Read more
Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty bests diet, lifestyle changes for weight loss
Patients who underwent endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty achieved greater weight loss than patients who made diet and lifestyle changes alone, according to study results.“Though now gaining Read more
AMA Supports Remote Patient Monitoring, Telehealth in 2020 CPT Codes
The American Medical Association is adding several new CPT codes to its 2020 code set that support telehealth and remote patient monitoring services. By Eric Wicklund : AMA Supports Read more
When Efforts To Eat ‘Clean’ Become An Unhealthy Obsession
Whether it’s gluten or dairy, many people avoid certain types of foods these days. Sometimes food avoidance can take over people’s lives and veer into an eating disorder. Read more
‘Digiceuticals,’ new CGM devices, HbA1c alternatives transform diabetes management
CHICAGO — The growing abundance of technology options for better diabetes management and the trend away from HbA1c as the only evaluation metric for the condition are important parallel Read more
Pressuring Kids to Diet Can Backfire, Damaging Long-Term Health
Parents want the best for their children. Eat well. Get enough sleep. Exercise. But sometimes pressuring your teen to diet or lose weight may end up harming them, a new study suggests. Read more
No Need to Reduce Meat Intake for Health Reasons, Says Controversial Rec
But other experts deliver a point-by-point rebuttal   Annals of Internal Medicine: No Need to Reduce Meat Intake for Health Reasons, Says Controversial Read more
Four strategies to obtain affordable insulin
CHICAGO — As the cost for insulin continues to rise, clinicians can take several proactive steps to help uninsured and underinsured patients afford their medications today, according to a Read more
The Patented Mediator Release Test (MRT®) – Oxford Biomedical Technologies, Inc.
  Despite all of the clinical and immunologic complexities associated with food sensitivities, the single common component of all diet-induced inflammatory reactions is proinflammatory Read more
GI Microbial Assay Plus
GI-MAP® – DNA Stool Analysis by Quantitative PCR GI Microbial Assay Read more
Lp(a) has strong effect on CVD risk
CHICAGO — Lipoprotein(a) has been shown to be an independent, causal and genetic risk factor for CVD, with higher prevalence in patients of African, South Asian, Asian and Oceanic Read more
Bone material strength improves after gastric bypass
Adults with obesity who underwent Roux-en-Y gastric bypass experienced an improvement in bone material strength in the year after surgery despite an increase in bone turnover markers and Read more
Gastric Bypass Linked to Lower Risk for Major Birth Defects
Major birth defects recorded in 3.4 percent of infants born to mothers with gastric bypass surgery Physician’s Briefing Article: Gastric Bypass Linked to Lower Risk for Major Birth Read more
Study: Bariatric Surgery OK for Kids with Psych Illness
Mental health disorders not predictive of outcomes Original Article: Study: Bariatric Surgery OK for Kids with Psych Read more
‘Realistic shift’ in diet could save the US up to $38 billion annually
A 20% increase in adherence to the Healthy Eating Index could result in savings of as much as $38 billion in health-related costs, according to findings presented at Nutrition 2018, the Read more
Declining insulin levels in type 1 diabetes stabilize after seven years, study shows
Insulin production falls steadily for seven years in people with type 1 diabetes but then stabilizes, researchers have said. A team from the University of Exeter Medical School said they Read more
Can mindfulness promote the well-being of diabetics?
  A recent meta-analytic study evaluated the effects of mindfulness-based interventions on the quality-of-life and metabolic control in patients with diabetes.” Original Article: Read more
High-salt diet may kill off ‘good’ gut bacteria
Eating too much salt is known to increase blood pressure. Researchers recently discovered that this might be due to salt’s impact on gut bacteria.” Original Article: High-salt diet Read more
Cardiovascular Mortality in Individuals With Early-, Late-Onset Prediabetes
Investigators examined the frequency of cardiovascular vs noncardiovascular deaths in individuals who developed prediabetes that did not progress to diabetes.” Original Article: Read more
The Amount of Gray Matter in Your Brain May Predict If You’ll Stick to Your Diet
The amount of gray matter in your prefrontal cortex could dictate how much self-control you exhibit” Original Article: The Amount of Gray Matter in Your Brain May Predict If Read more
Alternatives to waist circumference, BMI ‘weak’ predictors of cardiometabolic risk
Alternative surrogate measurements of central body shape and fat accumulation are not superior indicators of cardiometabolic risk when compared against the currently recommended Read more
Science behind these food sensitivity tests has been debunked — but they’re still widely offered
Two of Canada’s biggest labs promote and offer something known as IgG food tests at their labs, marketed as a way to test for food sensitivities. But medical experts call these blood Read more
Sleep deprivation increases Alzheimer’s protein
In a small study, losing just one night of sleep led to an increase in beta-amyloid, a protein in the brain associated with Alzheimer’s disease.” Original Article: Sleep Read more
The Ketogenic Diet: A Breakdown of this Popular Eating Plan
    Original Article: The Ketogenic Diet: A Breakdown of this Popular Eating Plan – Food & Nutrition Read more
Dark Chocolate Cranberry Protein Pancakes – Food & Nutrition Magazine
These pancakes will delight your taste buds, fill your belly and fuel you all morning long!” Original Article: Dark Chocolate Cranberry Protein Pancakes – Food & Read more
Exercise may improve thinking in sedentary seniors with cognitive decline
  Older adults who already have some cognitive impairment, but not dementia, may find their thinking skills improve when they start doing aerobic exercise like walking or cycling a few Read more
Type 2 diabetes: Gut bacteria may influence drug effectiveness
A new review of existing research examines the effect of the gut bacteria composition on the effectiveness of type 2 diabetes medications.” Original Article: Type 2 diabetes: Gut Read more
Prospective memory lapses cause missed medication in adults with diabetes
Nearly one-quarter of adults with diabetes forget to take medication at least once every 2 weeks, and prospective memory slips are one of the primary causes, according to findings published Read more
Simple Sugars Wipe Out Beneficial Gut Bugs
Fructose and sucrose can make it all the way to the colon, where they spell a sugary death sentence for beneficial bacteria. Karen Hopkin reports.” Original Article: Simple Sugars Read more