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What better way to attract clients than to write a great niche article. NutriScape can’t offer financial compensation, but writing has other benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked:

  • You will be able to link to products/services you offer on NutriScape.NET. Placing links in your biography will drive traffic to:
    • Your Telehealth scheduling page.
      • Earn 50% of total revenue on downloadable handouts and e-books.
      • Earn 50% of total revenue on Teachable Courses.
    • Your NutriScape.NET hosted website (Coming Soon) or existing blog.
  • Your article Will.Get.Read. When you write for NutriScape.NET, your voice will not be drowned out in the ocean of other blogs on the topic.
  • NutriScape.NET is exclusively written and peer-reviewed by dietitians, so our entire profession will be using the site and sending their patients and clients. Not just casual readers, but the exact people your knowledge can make the difference for–isn’t that why we all became dietitians?.
  • You can add a line to your resume, highlighting your published writing accomplishments.
  • You’ll be able to write what you’re passionate about–maybe it will turn into something more–a book, a course, a job offer? So go ahead –boost your brand!

Our Style

NutriScape.NET seeks to provide consumers, dietitians, and medical providers with a central source for science based, practical and easy to understand perspectives on nutrition.  To this end, we avoid the blog style of writing that is designed more to entertain than to educate.  That said, we try just as hard to avoid the academic style of term papers as well.

Variety, Controversy and Nutrition Quackery

NutriScape seeks to project a highly professional image for dietitians.  This will best be served by embracing a wide variety of nutritional approaches and discussing the research available on new approaches to nutritional concerns while avoiding excessive controversy.

When writing about non-credible nutritional approaches and quackery, we seek to project a super-respectful tone while exposing legitimate concerns.

We want to promote you!  We’d like you to include a short biography at the end of the article.  This may link to your own blog or social media site.

Planning Your Article

When planning your article, keep in mind that the ideal article length is between 350 and 600 words.


When writing for the web, it is important to make your article easy to scan through. This can be accomplished by outlining the heading structure for your article in advance. A great tool for brainstorming, organizing, and outlining is MindMeister. The free account allows you to keep and share up to 3 mind maps at no cost and it is very easy to learn and use.

Voice and Tone

Print out a copy of our general guidelines for Voice & Tone to follow along as you write your thoughts.

Reserve Your Article Idea

Choose a topic you want to write about.  If you are getting your inspiration from one of the links on the staging site, sign in and add a comment at the bottom of the post to let everyone know you are working on an article on that topic.

  • Include a basic outline of your article.
  • Include your audience-RDN vs. Consumers.


Remember, this is just a first draft. Perfectionism is the enemy of productivity. Feel free to allow our peer review process to help you find the perfect wording you are striving for. Send your article to

Our Peer-Support and Review Process

Your article will be featured on our review site at Peer-Review.NutriScape.NET where other dietitians can offer their applause and thoughts for polishing your work so that it can shine to its finest potential.

  • Peer suggestions based on your first draft will be gathered through our closed comment moderation system and will be passed on to you for use in your final draft.
  • Articles receiving 80% peer approval based on 10 reviews will be published!

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