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NutriScape.NET welcomes the opportunity to publish articles written by RDN contributors. Our network is divided into subdomains that serve different user groups:

  • NutriScape.NET is a general consumer interest site designed to help our patients and clients.
  • RDNutriScape.NET is our professional interest site.
  • (Coming Soon) TeleNutrition is our platform for connecting dietitians with clients online.
  • (Coming Soon) LifestyleMedicineCourses is the NutriScape site devoted to online courses and webinars
  • (Coming Soon) Dietitian’sToolbox is a site for finding tools, illustrations, and resources quickly when you are in the process of counseling a client.
  • (Coming Soon) FutureRD is oriented towards dietetic student interests and concerns.
  • NutriBlog is a staging area for ideas for articles for any of these sites.

Our posts offer inspiration and resources for your nutrition articles

Think of the existing posts on the writers’ site as richly sourced writing prompts that allow you to quickly tap into inspiration from what has been written before–usually from a nutrition as entertainment perspective and put it together with our perspective on what our clients need to know.  NutriScape.NET seeks to promote dietitians as the most credible source of nutrition knowledge–a central site where dietitians can quickly send their clients to know that they will get credible information without hype or fluff.  Your byline will promote that RD/RDN credential and highlight our professional perspective.

ReWriting Articles

Many of Writers’ site posts link to article topics that could benefit from a complete rewrite from a new perspective or for a new audience.  When rewriting an article in this way, some topics may call for extensive quotes to be included from the original content with links back to that content.  Our articles should be an organic common-sense blend of our original ideas with connections to all the best the web has to offer.

Writing Article Introductions

On the other hand, in some cases, the Writers’ site post links to another site’s article that is awesome in its own right and where all that is needed is a nice introduction and commentary is needed to point out the value of the offsite author’s original content so that NutriScape.NET can publish a link to the original article.

Promote Your  Brand on the Network

Your name will appear in the byline at the top of your article. Write an awesome article so that you can send in an e-mail link to your client or colleague whenever that topic comes up again! There is also an opportunity to promote your business, book, or website in your biography line at the end of your article.  Your article will end with a bio that might look something like this:

Author Biography

Review Criteria

We accept articles from RDs and Student RDs.  There are countless nutrition bloggers writing articles that have a primary purpose to entertain–and there certainly is nothing wrong with that.  However, our site mission seeks to present a more authoritative and highly credible feel that will distinguish it from other sites while remaining down to earth and relatable.  A tricky balance to achieve and we are so excited to read your uploaded articles.

About the Author

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