Snacking and Type 2 Diabetes
Nuts and Seeds Chocolate and Candy Low-Carb Healthy Snacks Low-carb snacks 15-gram snacks 30gram Read more
Partying with Type 2: Diabetes and Alcohol
Diabetes and Drinking Mixing with Alcohol Finding the calories and carbohydrates Caution about hypoglycemia Coffee and Tea Soft Drinks and Flavored Waters Sports and Energy Read more
Eating Out with Type 2
Making Decisions First Remembering you meal plan Checking ahead Sticking to a plan Dining Out Menu Reading for Diabetes Taking some home Alcoholic Drinks and bar snacks Hors Read more
Plate Method for Diabetes Meal Planning
Choosing Meats & protein Know your Carb portions Choosing Better carbohydrates Fitting in more vegetables Surprising Problem Foods Carbohydrates in mixed dishes and Read more
Shopping for Diabetes Type 2
Diabetes Meal Planning Making your list Diabetes on a Budget Food Terminology Picking Prepackaged Defining processed foods organic foods Shopping Smart Aisle to Aisle Fresh Fruits and Read more
The Right Mindset for Type 2 Diabetes
The Right Mindset For Commiting to Your Future Making time for healthy eating Accepting inconvenience Adopting Better Habits The Right Mindset For Older Adults Developing Diabetes Eating at Read more
Understanding Nutrition Facts Labels
Calories Grams and milligrams Serving sizes Calculating Food Choices Sizing up your foos – portion sizes Estimating Read more
How to Count Carbohydrates for blood sugar control
Deciphering Carbs Finding carbohydrates Deciding to “carb” or not to “carb” Evaluating glycemic index/glycemic load Counting Carbs Counting to 15 grams Comparing Read more
Vitamins, minerals and Herbals for Diabetes
Multivitamins B vitamins in Diabetes Diabetes and Vitamin D Chromium and Diabetes Magnesium and Diabetes Potassium Insulin and zinc Alpha lopoic acid and neuropathy Fengreek for better Read more
Carbohydrates and Diabetes
Sugar and diabetes complex carbohydrates Read more
Fats for Heart Health
Highlighting unsaturated fat Watching out for saturated fat and Read more
How Food Choices Can Cut Your Diabetes Risk
Targeting Blood Glucose Control Matching medication and food Keeping A1C in range Losing to Win – Weight Loss Monitoring Cardiovascular Risks Normalizing high blood pressure Lowering Read more
Choosing a PCP
How to Choose a PCP Following Doctor’s Orders They really are on your side Tell them if you are uncomfortable with Meds Prepare for your Appointments Ask for a referral to a Read more