Understanding A1c
What is A1c What is a good A1c How Anemia affects Read more
Testing Your Blood Sugar
Types of Glucose Monitoring Equipment Continuous Glucose Monitors – CGM Abbott Libre Meters Traditional Glucose Meters Individualized Blood Sugar Goals: Fasting Goal After meal goals Read more
How insulin and Glucose Work
Insulin Opens the Glucose Door Storing glucose for later Glucagon releases stored glucose Hormones Responsible for Low Glucose Read more
How to Avoid Long-Term Complications
Knowing How Long-Term Complications Develop and How to Avoid Them The impact of diabetes on your kidneys Early indications of kidney disease Progressive changes in the kidneys Treatment for Read more
Preventable Complications of Diabetes
Kidney Disease Eye Disease Heart Disease & Stroke Neuropathy Sexual Dysfunction for Men & Women Hearing Loss Higher risk for Read more
Causes of Type 2 Diabetes
Does High BMI Cause Diabetes 5 Types of Diabetes Type Read more
How Diabetes Changes With Time
Reversible early on Generally requires insulin after 12 Read more
Self-Educating? With Diabetes, That Might Not Be the Best Idea–Here’s Why
Diabetes is a Spectrum Laypeople Spread Myths Laypeople May Emphasize the Wrong Things for Your Case Why RD Support is Helpful Can put you at ease Will emphasize what is true FOR YOU Read more
History of the “diabetic diet”
Hippocrates 1900’s Ketogenic Diet 1950’s Lilly Exchange Diet Individualized Approach Dietitian’s Role in Counseling on Read more
What Should You Eat With Diabetes
Objectives of Meal Planning: Well Controlled Blood Sugar How Much Carb Per Meal Heart Smart Low Salt Promotes Healthy Read more
How to Stop Impulsive eating
Fix the Food Environment At Home At Office Size of Plates and Cups Food out of Sight Veggies in Easy Read more
Emotional Reactions to Type 2 Diabetes
Shock and Disbelief Diabetes Denial is about Fear Anger Grief Relationships & Diabetes Spousal Conflict over Read more
Take Charge of Your Diabetes Management
Patient’s Role Doctor’s Role Pharmacy Role Diabetes Educator’s Role Dietitian’s Read more
How Diabetes Develops Over a Lifetime
Headlines Natural History of Diabetes Insulin Resistance Weight Gain and Insulin Decline After meal high blood sugars Increased Fasting Blood Read more
In MTHFR, Can Depression be Treated with a Supplement?
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Supplements for Mental Health
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Eating Well on a Budget
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A good diet doesn’t happen by accident- Plan To Eat
Yeah. And you’ve probably heard the adage that a good diet doesn’t happen by accident, right? And it really does start right in that kind of prep and planning stage and you Read more
Does Subsidizing Crops We’re Told To Eat Less Of Fatten Us Up?
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Micronutrient Treatment for PMS, Smoking and Sleep
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Benefits of Micronutrients for Autism
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Glyphosate and the Blood-Brain Barrier
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Demineralization of Soils
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