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Prolonged, high HbA1c may increase dementia risk in type 1 diabetes
Older adults with type 1 diabetes with prolonged exposure to HbA1c at least 8% are at least twice as likely to develop dementia over 6 years vs. similar adults with only 10% of measurements Read more
Poor understanding of diabetes medications may worsen glycemic profile in type 2 diabetes
In patients with type 2 diabetes, a lack of knowledge regarding diabetes drugs is associated with higher HbA1c level and worse blood glucose profile, according to findings from a Read more
AHA: Prescription Fish Oil Wins for CV Prevention
Positive findings for Vascepa in REDUCE-IT trial Source: AHA: Prescription Fish Oil Wins for CV Read more
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Free Weight Loss Chart and Log
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Parental Pacifier Sucking May Lower Kids’ Allergy Risks
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U.P. Diabetes Outreach Network
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SNAP participation may improve diabetes medication adherence
Older adults with diabetes participating in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, demonstrated improvements in adhering to their treatment regimens, according to findings Read more
40 million people with diabetes will be left without insulin by 2030, study predicts
As the number of people living with diabetes continues to rise, the access to insulin needed to meet growing demand will fall short, a new study predicts. Source: 40 million people with Read more
FDA OKs Heart Disease Prevention Claim for High Oleic Acid Oils
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Mediterranean diet: New evidence of its heart-healthy benefits
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How reversing diabetes cost to drive savings impact is viable
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dōTERRA: Multilevel Marketing of Essential Oils
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Insulin’s High Cost Leads To Lethal Rationing
  Alec Raeshawn Smith was 23 when diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and 26 when he died. He couldn’t afford $1,300 per month for his insulin and other diabetes supplies, so he tried Read more
Inflammation at diagnosis linked to type 1 diabetes progression
Inflammation levels at diagnosis of type 1 diabetes could be linked with how the condition progresses, research suggests. The US study team behind the findings had been investigating Read more
National diabetes coalition, ADA advise preparedness for people with diabetes during Hurricane Florence’s approach
The Diabetes Disaster Response Coalition created several resources to aid people with diabetes in areas of the U.S. that are most at risk for damage from Hurricane Florence. The Read more
In a scientific first, researchers gave people BPA — and saw a link to precursor of type 2 diabetes
A first-of-its-kind study of a small group of people exposed to a very small amount of bisphenol-A (BPA) is raising questions about the federal government’s stance that low doses of Read more
Vasculitis: A Link with IBD?
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