A good diet doesn’t happen by accident- Plan To Eat

We came across this topic some time back and thought it would be good inspiration for a NutriScape.NET article written from the dietitian’s point of view. Here are some quick snippets you can follow.

[Mikki] Yeah. And you’ve probably heard the adage that a good diet doesn’t happen by accident, right? And it really does start right in that kind of prep and planning stage and you have to allow time to sit down to figure out what’s in your pantry, what you might need to prepare your meals, and plan it out for the week before going to the grocery store. Very few people actually do that. And we can end up wasting quite a bit of food if not, or have no idea what to cook on a day-to-day basis. So you plan for the week, you make sure that you’re not hungry before you go to the grocery store because you will always spend more money when you’re hungry. And you base your meals around the types of foods that we’re talking about and you can then cook once and eat a couple of times as well because you will take leftovers for lunch. So it’s kind of putting into place a lot of those types of strategies. So you plan what to cook, you buy what you intend to use and then you cook it for more than just one meal. [Julia] So I’m guessing that maybe on a Sunday you would put aside a few hours to think through what are you going to eat for the next week. And then prepare some of those meals, like preparing a salad, or roasting your vegetables. Is that what you’re talking about? [Mikki] Yep, absolutely. And then you can take it you know a little bit further by prepping protein you know, for your lunches. So hard boiling a dozen eggs and keeping them in the fridge for up to five days, and that makes a really quick and convenient uh protein source to add to a salad or grab as a snack.

Uh roasting a chicken is another one, which you use solely for your lunches. So you’ve got these things organized, so you’re just not left short. [Julia] And what about legumes – are they expensive?[Mikki] No, they’re actually really reasonably priced, of course. And if you had the time, then you could of course, prepare them from scratch and you could soak them and then, and then cook them. However you can easily buy them canned as well, and they’re you know, super cheap and convenient,

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