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Sharing Our Perspective While Maintaining Ethical Standards

NutriScape writers offer OUR perspective: Most of the general media articles linked to from this staging site are written to entertain. As RD/RDNs, Our writing objectives are to educate and motivate our readers to better food choices that will positively impact their health. It is important to our clients and NutriScape readers that we cover the food and nutrition topics being discussed in the media.

Write an Original Article or Offer A Short Introductory Piece to Link to the Original Work

Ethical Standards for Original Articles: The first step in NutriScape’s article acceptance process is to make sure that submitted content is truly original. The links on this staging site will connect writers with great inspiration for an article topic. Writers must take care while writing original content inspired by another writer’s hard work. No RD/RDN needs to be told that it would be wrong to closely transcribe the ideas and/or style from the article linked on this site– but we felt it important to clearly state that this is not what is being proposed.

Linking to Awesome Content Offsite: Mixed in with the many links on this site to fluff pieces, there are links to sites with content and resources that are unmatched and needed by our readers and clients. We don’t believe in reinventing content. What is needed in these cases is a short (or long) introduction to provide our readers with context so that they can understand the usefulness of the page or site being linked to.

Linking to dietitian articles offsite: If the link below is for any article written by an RD/RDN, please write an introduction designed with a link to that article. This introduction should maintain a balance of presenting resources while avoiding the possibility of being read as an endorsement or business affiliation. Our intent is to promote the work of RD/RDN’s everywhere in hopes that these links will increase their site traffic and help promote their businesses.

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