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We came across this topic some time back and thought it would be good inspiration for a NutriScape.NET article written from the dietitian’s point of view. Here are some quick snippets you can follow.

The main NutriScape.NET site will have a category for discussing the pros and cons of each of these diets.  Yes, we preach against “diets” the verb, but we need to offer a non-judgemental look at each “diet” [noun] strategy and help readers understand the basics.

People need support for implementation, so each article might look for ways incorporate the value of working with a dietitian where appropriate.  As always, you can link to your own website.  The sidebar on the published article will link to NutriScape’s Telenutrition site to get services.

Vegetarian Diet
Pescetarian Diet
Mediterranian Diet
Vegan Diet
Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian Diet
Flexitarian Diet
Meatless Mondays
Ketogenic Diet
Atkins Diet
Pritikin Diet, Ornish Diet
ADHD diet
Autism Diet
Low-Fat Diet
Anti-Inflammatory Diet
Gluten Free Diet
Wheat Free Diet
Dairy Free Diet
Soy Free Diet
Wheat Free Diet
Insulin Resistence Diet
Glycemic Index Diet
Pre-Conception Diet
Thyroid Diet
Weight Watchers Diet
GAPS Diet (Gut and Psychology)
Whole 30 Diet
AIP Diet (Autoimmune Paleo)
Raw Food Diet
Paleo Diet
5:2 Fast Diet
Acid-Alkaline Diet
Optavia/Medifast, HMR Diet
Slimfast Diet
Macrobiotic Diet
South Beach Diet
Zone Diet
Engine 2 Diet
Nutritarian Diet
Fertility Diet
Jenny Craig, NutriSystem Diet,
Noom Diet
Nordic Diet
Mayo Clinic Diet
TLC (Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes) Diet
Volumetrics Diet

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